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Examples of Our Work

Gunn Systems has been in business for many years, providing custom hardware design, software, PC Board, and firmware solutions for a wide variety of projects.

Our design staff can meet your needs for digital and microprocessor based design from quick turn prototypes to full scale production, and we can do it quickly.

We can take a design from concept to reality and work closely with our customers through out the process. Our staff has extensive experience designing microprocessor based products.

Our ability to do PC Board Layout and Embedded Firmware in-house allows us to provide a highly integrated design service that can make your design a reality very quickly.

Some examples of solutions that Gunn Systems has provided:

Rack-Mount Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Gunn Systems developed the industry's first Dual Voltage Auto Sensing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in the 1U Rackmount size.
Forklift Dashboard Display
Gunn System developed a proof-of-concept for an Electric Forklift Dashboard Display.
Solar-Powered Water Flow Meters
Gunn Systems developed Solar-Powered Water Flow Meters for outdoor use.
Solar-Powered Service Clock
Gunn Systems developed a Solar-Powered Service Clock for use indoors to capture log and time stamp bar code scans at a remote service location.
Aftermarket Automotive Electronics
Gunn system developed the control electronics for an automotive maintenance product. The electronics controlled various motors / pumps in timed sequence.

Gunn Systems also developed and produces an aftermarket automotive transmission control box.
(In-Car PC)
In-Dash Co-Pilot™, for entertainment, navigation, communications, and  more. Co-Pilot™ Prototype.
For Portal Media's Co-Pilot™ product, Gunn Systems developed the custom hardware and software to bring the PC to the mobile environment with all the features required for automotive entertainment, navigation, communications, and safety in one device.
Pool / Spa Controller Closeup of the PC Board and Interfacing. The Controller with its Remote Interface.
Gunn Systems developed this controller for the Pool/Spa industry. The device is used to control a circulation fan, and provides features such as wave simulation and advanced timing functions.
LED Lighting System Ceiling-mounted Star Panel™. Ceiling-mounted Star Panel™.
The Star Panel™ from Impact Lighting, Inc. brings the look of the nighttime sky to the indoors. Gunn Systems was contracted to provide a re-design, enhancing this product and reducing production costs.
Model Building Controller The AMS Model Lighting Controller Interface. One of the models in action.
Used for high-profile models, this system allows independent control of a large number of LEDs.

View Demo Video
AMUST Controller AMUST Controller Board AMUST Finished Boxes, Ready to be Installed
Gunn Systems developed this controller to monitor Underground Storage Tanks. The system uses the 68HC11 microprocessor.
Intelligent Battery Tester Intelligent Battery Tester Finished Production Unit
Gunn Systems provided PC Board Layout services for a major tool supply company to develop this Intelligent Battery Tester unit, which features a testing method that does not require the battery size to be entered into the unit.

Features include LCD numerical readout (showing percentage of battery charge), LED Bar Graph Display, detection of bad cells, and other LED indications.
Food Processor
Gunn Systems developed a series of prototypes for kitchen food processor appliance.\

The protoypes include a color graphic display, motor control, heater control and a weigh scale.
Vehicle-Mounted Weapons System The WAASP vehicle-mounted weapon system. Camera and Machine Gun mount.
Gunn Systems helped develop the WAASP weapon system used by US government agencies for security.

Gunn Systems developed custom controls for surveillance cameras on the early generation of the vehicle and is active in further development with the weapon firing and control systems.
Pump Controllers Finished Production Unit. Finished Production Unit.
Gunn Systems was responsible for bringing the second generation of the Bio-Pump® to market. The second generation was cost-reduced, and several enhancements were added to the design. Development included taking the design from through-hole technology to surface-mount technology and refining and optimizing the product's firmware.

The Zefon Take-4™ Countdown Timing Controller was designed to be the easiest timer to use for controlling 1-4 air sampling pumps simultaneously. Gunn Systems provided the product design services, from concept to production, excluding packaging, which was provided by the customer.
Imaginail® NailJet® The NailJet Printer System The End Result Produced by the NailJet
Gunn Systems developed a working prototype of an Inkjet printing device for painting fingernails. The project involved design and development of an embedded system using the 68HC08 microprocessor to drive a proprietary printing platform.

Gunn Systems developed the hardware, PC board, and firmware programming to control the printer. For more information on the device, click here.
Robotic Trash System The Trash Controller, developed by Gunn Systems for ATCI, allows for scheduled delivery of trash from the home to the curbside. The TrashRobot cart.
Gunn Systems was brought onboard to bring this invention--which allows for scheduled delivery of trash from the home to the curbside--from design to reality.

Gunn Systems designed the controller electronics and firmware, and developed custom hardware and firmware for the TrashRobot cart.
LED Sign Controllers VMS Controller Finished Production Unit Modular Construction
Gunn Systems provided PC board and design for control of Variable Message Signs. The project utilized an off-the-shelf embedded PC microprocessor with custom packaging and front panel design.

Gunn Systems developed the PC boards, hardware design, and firmware design. The system communicates on 4 serial ports and monitors over 200 I/O points.
Nixie Tube Driver & Clock Nixie Tube Clock by Gunn Systems
For those enthusiasts interested in vintage electronics, Gunn Systems developed the Nixie Tube driver board and clock. The integrated driver board allows easy connection to a microprocessor system via the SPI bus. On board DC-DC converter supplies the high voltage to drive the Nixie Tubes, and the board only requires +12 V DC supply.

Great for retrofitting vintage Nixie Tube clock displays or for new retro designs. Move your pointer over the image for a look inside.
PetroClean Controller
Gunn Systems developed a proof-of-concept prototype for a small vending-machine-type controller for quick oil changes. System utilized off-the-shelf hardware with custom packaging and firmware.

Contact Gunn Systems for further examples of our work, or to discuss the needs of your project.