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GSI-2 can trigger events based on temperature, which is monitored via the included external temperature probe. GSI-2 supports 2 external temperature probes.

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GSI-2 can trigger events based on lighting conditions, monitored via the built-in photosensor.

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GSI-2 accepts remote control commands via the built-in infrared detector.

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GSI-2 can trigger events based on the time-of-day and/or date.


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The GSI-2 PC Utility is a Windows® application that adds PC configuration, log management, and data graphing capabilities to the GSI-2 platform.


PLEASE NOTE: The GSI-2 Controller has been discontinued. If your project calls for a similar controller, please contact Gunn Systems for more information.

Simple-Rulez® Software

The Simple-Rulez Software, which is standard on the GSI-2, brings it to life!

Simple-Rulez provides basic programmable logic controller functionality, including:

1. A menuing system with the LCD display and keypad.
2. Communications through RS-232
3. Communications through X10 or A10 control
4. Event Programming and Scheduling (up to 16 events or schedules)
5. Event Logging

It is an environment that allows very simple "If _____ Then ______" style programming (with AND, OR, and timers also provided) using only the built-in selector knob and your imagination.

Events are the heart of Simple-Rulez. An event is simply a condition that the GSI-2 will watch for, and when met, perform actions you specify (such as logging the event and/or activating a GSI-2 output).

Not a programmer? If you can choose the dropdown options below, you can program events with Simple-Rulez!

EVENT # : IF <parameters vary with input type>

<values vary with output type>

That's It! The GSI-2 will immediately start watching for your event.

Programmed events are stored in the GSI-2 "Personality Module" (non-volatile EEPROM), so events will remain in the GSI-2, even after extensive periods without power! For multiple GSI-2 installations, this also allows you to configure a master Personality Module, then make copies and install in the field, instead of programming each unit directly.

See how easy it is to use Simple-Rulez in the examples below:

Simple-Rulez Examples
  • Example:
    • I want to turn on a relay (controlling my irrigation system) whenever the Temperature goes below freezing (this assumes the Temp units are set to F).
  • Program:
    • 1) IF TEMP 0to32 THEN RELAY 1 ON
  • Example:
    • I want my pool light (on X10 address A7) to turn ON at dusk, and turn OFF at 9:00 PM.
  • Program:
    • 1) IF LGHT 0to50 THEN X10 A7 ON
    • 2) IF TIME 21:00 to 23:59 THEN X10 A7 OFF

If standard Simple-Rulez does not meet your needs (for example, if you require special calculations), the program may be customized by Gunn Systems or by any qualified software engineer using the development system and free source code. See the Development section for more information.

GSI-2 Available Inputs and Outputs

Possible Inputs:

  • Time of Day Schedules
  • Date Schedules
  • X10 or A10* Commands Received
  • Analog or Digital Inputs
  • Temperature Sensor (up to 2 External temp probes)
  • Ambient Light Level
  • IR Commands
  • Timers (Minute or Second Intervals)
  • Flag Variable Value

Possible Outputs:

  • 2 - Relays (10 Amps each)
  • 4 Digital (open collector NPN , up to 500ma)
  • SPI Expansion outputs (to IO boards)
  • X10 Commands Sent
  • Tones (Freq, vol, duration)
  • LCD Display (2 lines of text)
  • Set Internal Flag Variable

   * The Advanced Control Technologies A10 interface is supported in special versions of Simple-Rulez. Please contact us for information on using Simple-Rulez with A10.

For further information on available inputs and outputs, see the GSI-2 Hardware section.

The GSI-2 PC Utility, which runs on Microsoft Windows®, expands Simple-Rulez by adding the following features on a desktop or laptop PC:

    • Displays Status of inputs
    • Command (Force) outputs
    • Setup Program Events using easy pull-down entries
    • Save and Load events from file on PC
    • Upload and Download programmed events to GSI-2
    • Graph light or temperature
    • Upload and save Log
    • Set Settings on GSI-2
    • Synchronize clock on GSI-2 to PC

For (much) more information on using Simple-Rulez, download the GSI-2 & Simple-Rulez Operator's Manual in the GSI-2 Download section.

While the GSI-2 using Simple-Rulez satisfies most applications without further development needed, Simple-Rulez is also Free-Sourced (under General Public License). Download the source code in the GSI-2 Download section (written 100% in C).


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