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A GSI-2 Unit (LCD, Beige) in a mounted installation.


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A GSI-2 Unit in the Black case with the Fluorescent Display option.


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The GSI-2 is also available in Outdoor Enclosures (variation A pictured) and NEMA 4 Rated Enclosures.



PLEASE NOTE: The GSI-2 Controller has been discontinued. If your project calls for a similar controller, please contact Gunn Systems for more information.

GSI-2 Overview

What is the GSI-2 system? The combination of a flexible hardware controller (GSI-2), matched to the flexibility of very easy-to-use programmable logic controller software (Simple-Rulez), which makes this controller ideal for many commercial, residential, or light industrial applications.

The GSI-2 is available directly from Gunn Systems; In addition, all design files (both hardware and software) are freely available under General Public License.

The controller can be programmed (simply) using the front panel to respond to inputs, activate outputs, and log events. Basically: It's simple to use and very flexible.

The GSI-2 can optionally interface to the GSI-2 PC Utility to provide graphing, log management, and configuration from a desktop or laptop.

What can the GSI-2 do? Think of it as a simple PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with some built-in sensors and the X10 interface designed in, and the applications become endless. Click here for some practical applications of the GSI-2.

The GSI-2 hardware platform is an open-source embedded control board. The product, formerly available from Gunn Systems for $199, is now discontinued. The hardware was designed to be flexible and expandable for multiple uses. As a free source design, all GSI-2 design files are available for download under the Download tab.

The hardware has some nice standard features, including:

Time/Date 10 Amp Relays (two) 10 MHz (6808)
Temperature Amp DC Outputs (four) 32K Flash
Light Level Tones 1/2 K RAM
IR Remote Dual Color LED Indicator EEPROM
X10 received (optional) X10 commands (optional) RS-232 Serial
4 Inputs (Analog or Digital)

Click the tabs above for more information on how the GSI-2 can play a part in your project.


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