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Gunn Systems works closely with you to ensure that our custom software will meet the needs of the end user.


Application Software Development

If you need a software application custom-written to your specifications, Gunn Systems offers specialized talent to meet your needs.

Gunn systems has extensive experience in Windows and Linux/Unix applications development. With experience in the Communications, SCSI, Industrial Control, and Commercial industries, Gunn Systems can meet your needs for a custom software program.

No matter how simple or complex the customer needs, we approach each job with a detailed and documented approach while keeping focus on customer needs, time frames, and costs.

Our staff will lead the development effort, all the way from product design to product support. We analyze the customer needs, then develop a design specification. Once the specification is approved by the customer, the process to finished product moves rapidly. Programming is quick and efficient. Testing is done at the module level as well as product level. The finished product is delivered with both design documentation and end-user documentation. Phone support is always available throughout the job and into deployment.

Gunn Systems delivers the support necessary for the customer to achieve maximum benefit to the end-users from start to finish. We focus on what the program needs to do and how to get it done simply, quickly, and effectively.

We have expertise in many languages, including:

  • C and C++
  • Visual Basic
  • JAVA, J2EE, Java Servlets
  • Assembly Programming (80x86, 68K, 1802, 6502, etc)
  • Ladder logic controls
  • Scripting

We have experience with client-server technologies and Internet/Intranet networks. When coupled with our embedded system programming capabilities, we can provide a turn-key approach to complex hardware/software systems solutions.

Put the expertise of Gunn Systems to work for you by contacting us today!


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