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Gunn Systems can develop applications to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Solutions from Gunn Systems are custom-built to your specifications.

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After determining your needs, Gunn Systems provides a Design Specification for your review.

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Gunn Systems provides both simple and complex solutions to compaines of all sorts and sizes.


Business Applications & Database Programming

Gunn Systems provides business and database solutions to meet customer needs efficiently and accurately.

We have worked with numerous companies (both large and small) to provide applications for each company's unique business requirements.

Gunn Systems has expertise in each of the following areas related to Business Applications and Database Development (please note that this is not an all-inclusive list).

Gunn Systems Applications / Database Expertise
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows® (All Versions)
Linux / Unix
Platforms PC
High-End Servers
Internet / Intranet
Database Platforms Oracle
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Access
Development Environments Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET, VB, C#, C++)
Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
Technologies Client / Server Architecture
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
Linux Applications and Systems Programming (scripting)
Intranet-/Internet- enabled applications (Java servlets, ASP)
TCP/IP Communications
Serial Interface Programming
Bar Coding
Integrated Driver and Hardware Interfacing to Embedded Systems
Finishing Touches Design Specifications provided with every job
End-User Phone Support available

These are but a few of the Business Applications and Database Programming solutions that Gunn Systems has provided:

Home Builder Warranty System

A major US home builder asked Gunn Systems to provide a software package to coordinate and track its warranty repair services.

The solution created uses custom Intranet-based software (written in PHP) which interfaces to the client's existing DB/2 database. Reports were created using the client's existing Crystal Reports® server.

Home Builder Warranty Tracking Application
Sample screen from the Home Builder Warranty Management software.


Club Management Database Software This custom software was written for a Health Club as a Point-Of-Sale, Account Management, and Customer Tracking solution. Bar-Code Scanning was integral to this solution.

The Club Management Main Screen.


Home Automation Software

The Home Automation Client Main Screen
(Windows and Java versions).

This home automation software was created by Gunn Systems for a home automation consultant to customer specifications.

A Client / Server architecture and Plug-In Module capabilities allowed our customer to, in turn, meet the individual needs of each of their customers.

The Client was implemented as both a Windows® application and a web browser-based Java applet, to accomodate users of all types.


Repair Tracking Database Software

Sample screens from the Repair Tracking Database software application.

This custom-written repair database and application tracks equipment to be repaired, from receiving to shipping.

The database application also tracks technician performance and automatically handles repair billing. All technician activities are logged, reported, and interfaced to the customer's accounting system. Bar coding (scanning and printing) is utilized to track the items during the process.

This project, written in Microsoft VB, uses an Access Database for storage and reporting. It was completed on time, on budget, and to the customer's specification.

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