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Firmware Development

Gunn systems has extensive experience in developing firmware for Embedded Control Systems.

We have a broad base of experience, from simple single-threaded systems to complex multi-threaded systems. We can take your product from specification to prototype to manufacturing quickly and efficiently.

Bridging The Hardware / Software Gap. Gunn Systems has staff with experience in hardware design and software applications. This allows us to develop embedded systems firmware/software that has the best possible trade-offs between hardware and software control. We can also recommend the best fit for off-the-shelf hardware or custom-designed hardware.

Embedded Linux for Complex Systems. Gunn Systems also has experience with embedded Linux solutions. Linux is an excellent option for complex embedded system designs that need multiple threads and processes. Gunn Systems has been developing embedded Linux solutions for many years (far longer than most embedded systems developers).

Small Processor Control for Simple Systems. For simpler systems that do not require the extensive services and power of an operating system, Gunn Systems offers a simple, executive-based system for small processor systems.

Gunn Systems Firmware Development Expertise:

  • Projects ranging from the large and complex to the small and simple.
  • Languages such as C, C++ and Assembly.
  • Utilizing in-house development platforms and emulators.
  • Debugging and testing, including hardware simulation.
  • Network and serial communications.
  • Interfacing to communications equipment.
  • Interfacing to computer applications via custom programming services

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