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Industrial Control Programming

Gunn Systems provides development services for Industrial Control systems such as factories, SCADA systems, and remote device monitoring solutions.


Gunn Systems Industrial Control Systems Expertise:

  • C, C++, Java Embedded Controls Programming
  • RS-232 / RS-422 Communications
  • Database Integration
  • Rockwell RS-LOGIX® Ladder Logic Programming
  • Sockets Programming
  • Hardware/Software Integration
  • Designs using Bluetooth communications
  • Designs interfacing to USB on PC and tablet computers
  • Low-Power sensors and displays
  • Designs using Embedded Wi-Fi and Ethernet Web Servers
  • Hardware to interface with Industrial Control Equipment
  • Cost-reducing systems based on PLC controls
  • Design for Advanced Sensor Systems
  • ...and more! (Inquire within.)

Examples of Solutions Provided:

Mechanical / Electrical SCADA Software
Screenshots from the Traffic Surveillance and Control System and Mechanical-Electrical SCADA software suite.
Gunn Systems provides consulting and software development for a traffic control and SCADA systems integrator. Gunn Systems aided them in developing a powerful SCADA control package. The system is fully redundant (no single point of failure), and interfaces to many different field controllers.
Home Automation Software
The Home Automation Client Main Screen (Windows version).
Gunn Systems provided consulting and software development services for a home automation and security consultant to develop a professional home control and monitoring software package.

The Client/Server software includes optional plug-in modules that interface to a wide variety of industrial and home equipment.
HC08 Loader
The HC08-Loader Wizard and Expert mode screens.
This custom software by Gunn Systems programs Freescale HC08 integrated circuits.
GSI-2 Utility
The GSI-2 Utility Wizard and Expert mode screens.
This custom software by Gunn Systems allows the customer to easily configure Gunn Systems' industrial controller, the GSI-2 (now discontinued--please contact us if your project requires a similar controller).

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